10 Things to Do When Mommy Needs a Time-Out


This guest post was written by the gracious and gifted Kelly Smith of Mrs. Disciple. Check her out, yo.

Do you ever felt like your mommy head might explode? Be it a colicky baby, a mischievous middle child, or a sassy-mouthed teen, sometimes our kids push us to the limit. Add the housework, responsibilities outside the home, and the fatigue inherent with motherhood, and we moms can be a ticking time bomb.

Let’s face it, girls. Sometimes mama needs a time out.

Whether you have three minutes or three days, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Hide in the bathroom.

The go-to hideout for most moms is the bathroom. The peace is short-lived, though. Little fingers poke under the door and a young voice says, “Mom, what are you doing in there?” It may not last long, but it will buy a few minutes.

2. Take out the trash.

No one likes to take out the trash making this late-night chore the perfect opportunity to find few minutes alone. It is so quiet and peaceful. Gaze at the shining stars and spend a few minutes with your Creator.

3. Buy milk.

A milk run to Target provides the perfect excuse to get out of the house for a few minutes. Grab a coffee, and walk up and down the aisles. Don’t get a shopping cart or you may be tempted to buy something you don’t need. Just don’t forget to buy the milk on your way out.

4. Read a book with short chapters.

Reading is a great way to unwind, but it can be hard to find uninterrupted time to get lost in a novel. Reading a book with short chapters allows us to break the reading into bite-sized portions. For encouragement, try The Mother Letters by Seth and Amber Haines. If you are looking for a laugh, Sophie Hudson’s A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet will hit the spot.

5. Press play and slip away.

If you can’t physically get away, try an auditory escape. Put in your earbuds with an 80’s playlist, a favorite podcast, or an audiobook playing. You are still physically present to supervise the shenanigans, but your mind can be somewhere else.

6. Just do it.

When you feel the need to blow off some steam, try some gym time. A Zumba class or yoga session can help you stay both physically and mentally healthy.

7. Run for the border.

Girls’ Night Out is a mom staple. Grab a couple of girlfriends for a chips-and-salsa outing. Catch up on the latest news, and remember once again you are not alone.

8. Take a hike.

Get in touch with your granola side with a hike. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. A quick jaunt on a well-worn path can give you the quiet and fresh air you need to re-engage.

9. Lobby for your hobby.

Pretty paper and paints when the kids are around usually mean craft time with mom. Swap childcare with a friend so you can each get some alone time for those latest Pinterest projects.

10. Just go away.

Every once in a while, mom just needs to go away–either alone, with a spouse, or with friends. Try an Airbnb in a nearby city. Eat at a restaurant that doesn’t have a kid’s menu. Stroll through shops with breakable things. Catch a show. You might find you can’t wait to get back to those little ones.

Just like our kids, we moms sometimes need a minute to cool down in order to be our best selves. So head to the bathroom and start planning your next time out!


Kelly Smith is a small town girl who married a small town man. They have three energetic kids. Her favorite indulgences are coffee, reading, writing, and running. Kelly believes we are created for community and loves to find ways to connect with other women who are walking in the shadow of the cross. She blogs at mrsdisciple.com.

7 thoughts on “10 Things to Do When Mommy Needs a Time-Out

  1. Courtney, thank you so much for inviting me “over.” It is hard to get away with three kids. These little virtual visits make it easier for us moms to find some time out time together.


    1. Totally enjoying “hanging out” with you today, even if it’s virtual. I’ll take what I can get in this season with two kiddos three and under…! Thanks for your wisdom and for a truly great read today!


  2. Great read. I take advantage of showers and going out to buy groceries. It’s well-deserved and rewarding


    1. Showers are the BEST! And who knew grocery shopping could be so therapeutic? I totally hear you. Sometimes I agonize over produce decisions just because it feels like such a luxury to have time to think a thought…


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