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Ever feel like there’s too much stuff in your life? Things to clean, appointments to squeeze in, closets to organize, schedules to keep?

Oh, I feel you.

The amount of things and stuff and places to be can be utterly overwhelming. We fly through life by the seat of our pants, stopping only to pick up the dry cleaning, step on a few Legos, and lament about the windows we never look out of and the books we never read.

Our souls are tired. Our spirits fatigued. Something’s gotta give.

Yet where do we draw the line when it comes to busyness, clutter, schedule, and possessions? What is the difference between a want and a need?

What if less really is more?

In Daring Greatly, Brene Brown writes about how it’s tempting to believe the opposite of scarcity is abundance.

It’s not.

Writes Brown, “The opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It’s enough.”

Jesus writes about this too. He knew we’d be prone to clinging to things, to stuff, to the impermanent and insignificant, to keeping up with the neighbors, to hoarding possessions instead of living with open hands.

He knew that each thing we clung to would not ultimately bring us joy or satisfaction. “Look at the lilies of the field,” he says. “They do not toil or spin, yet your heavenly father clothes them.”

What does it mean to say, enough! I am enough. I have enough. God is enough for me.

What could it look like to open up space in our homes and our schedules for our souls to grow and flourish and be fed by the God who loves us?

What would it feel like to replace busyness with rest, clutter with space, and burnout with soul?

I’m on a journey to find out.

Soul Space Thursdays is all about living a simpler life, unencumbered by stuff and ruthless about the schedule in order to make room for our souls to grow.

Will you join me?

Next week? Your closet.

Stay tuned…



7 thoughts on “The Opposite of Scarcity (Soul Space Thursday)

  1. This definitely stirs something in my soul. So much to chew on. Specifically, though, how the opposite of scarcity is not abundance but enough. Processing… Thanks!


    1. Brene Brown knows what’s up, doesn’t she? I’ve been mulling this over for months, and it continues to challenge me.


    1. Thanks, Erica! I write things I need to hear, for sure. Brene Brown has some real gems out there.


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