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Book forthcoming from Rose/Hendrickson publishers in early 2019.

“Ministry is a Team Sport” – Christianity Today, 2016

“The Messy Drama and Trauma of New Life” – Christianity Today, 2016

“10 Things Not to Say to a Postpartum Mom” – The Huffington Post, 2016

“10 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep” – The Huffington Post, 2016

“10 Things Funerals Have Taught this Pastor” – The Mighty, 2016

“How Breastfeeding Brought Me Closer to God” – Christianity Today, 2013


“While We Were Enemies” – Presbyterian Church of the Master, Mission Viejo, CA

“A Story of the Heart” – Presbyterian Church of the Master, Mission Viejo, CA

“C-c-c-courage” – Presbyterian Church of the Master, Mission Viejo, CA

“Be Still, Together” – First Presbyterian Church, Fullerton CA (audio only)


courtneybellis.comA dynamic presentation of a deeply profound message can be life changing. The same presentation with a good dose of humor? Even better!

Because my primary ministry is to the congregation I pastor, and I accept outside speaking engagements only when they don’t conflict with ministry at my church. That said, I love to speak at other churches, retreats, women’s groups (including MOPS), college ministries, and team events, when it makes sense.

I enjoy speaking to a wide range of Christian traditions.

Topics include:

  • Uncluttered: Less stuff, less stress, more soul
  • Risking friendship
  • (Almost) Holy: Experiments in discipleship
  • True Self(ie): Developing the person God created you to be
  • Joy comes in the morning, and morning comes WAY too soon: Humor for moms
  • Marriage as a team sport

I’ve written for Christianity Today, Rock & Ice, and Mia. I’m a regular contributor at The Mighty, The Huffington Post, and The Glorious Table and a book is in the works.

For more info or to schedule an event, hit me up at courtney.b.ellis(at)

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What People Are Saying…

“Your talk was so encouraging and I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from your visit. Thank you again.”   –Susan, Speaker Coordinator, Rose Drive Friends Church

“We are all so excited that you will be doing our retreat!” — Retreat Coordinator, Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church, 2017

“Thank you for all your good ideas!” –Women’s Ministry Director, 2017