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5 Board Games You Should Try

Because the holidays are a’comin, and nothing says holiday like some good old family fun.

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Knowing No (Soul Space Thursdays)

There’s a great short story by Herman Melville about a notary with a rotten boss who suddenly decides he’s had enough. After years of drudgery, serving as a legal scribe without adequate compensation or respect, one day when Bartleby’s boss asks him to examine a paper, he hesitates. “Bartleby,” writes Melville, “in a singularly mild,…… Continue reading Knowing No (Soul Space Thursdays)

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Helpless Christianity * 10 Minute Devotional

We’re preaching through Romans at our church right now, and I’ll admit that it’s a challenge. I’m more a John sort of girl. I like an image to hang my hat on, a story to dive into. Romans is short on story and long on multisyllabic words. Unpacking Paul is like opening up a set…… Continue reading Helpless Christianity * 10 Minute Devotional

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10 Signs You’ve Celebrated Halloween in the Rural Midwest

Your costume had to fit over a snowsuit Those boots in my hubby’s costume above? Yeah, those are Sorrel snow boots. 2. Houses were far apart and yards were big, so you had to work hard for each piece of candy It was like 0.9 miles per mini Snickers. You basically had to eat all…… Continue reading 10 Signs You’ve Celebrated Halloween in the Rural Midwest

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A Laser Yes (Soul Space Thursday)

When I was eleven months pregnant with our second child (okay, okay, it was only eight-and-a-half, but it felt like eleven), I picked up our three-year-old at preschool only to have his teacher stop me at the door. “You know,” she said, reaching behind her for a clipboard, “Lincoln hasn’t taken the bird home this…… Continue reading A Laser Yes (Soul Space Thursday)

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Justifiable Anger * 10 Minute Devotional

Today’s 10 Minute Devotional comes to us from Stephanie Belcher, host of Two Peas in a Podcast. There my friends stood; one yelling in support of one candidate, and the other screaming in support of the opposing candidate. As their opinions echoed in the room, a civilized discussion quickly became personal. Insults were thrown, attacks were…… Continue reading Justifiable Anger * 10 Minute Devotional

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10 Things Not to Say to a Postpartum Mom (Greatest Hits)

The fam is taking a little breather from normal life this weekend. I’ll be back with a fresh post (by a great guest-writer!) tomorrow, but for today, please enjoy one of this blog’s greatest hits — also featured on Huffington Post! — from 2016. 10 Things Not to Say to a Postpartum Mom Postpartum women face…… Continue reading 10 Things Not to Say to a Postpartum Mom (Greatest Hits)