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Death, Good Friday, and All the Feels

I spent time as a hospital chaplain-in-training while in seminary, and I was blessed with this incredibly thoughtful supervisor named Eileen. She served as a chaplain for decades, and had an unsettling amount of wisdom, strength, and gravitas for someone who wore flared skirts and flowered cardigans. During our weekly supervisory meetings I would inevitably start crying…… Continue reading Death, Good Friday, and All the Feels

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5 Good Reads for Holy Week

Looking for some food for thought this Holy Week? Check out these five good reads. (And don’t look now, but these are all written by women. Brilliant, theologically minded women. Pretty sure Jesus is smiling about that one.) Fleming Rutledge’s “Redeemed by Death and Resurrection,” an excerpt from her book, The Crucifixion. “A declaration of amnesty…… Continue reading 5 Good Reads for Holy Week

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So Very Weak, So Very Strong

I went to my first exercise class post-baby last week, and probably my fifth exercise class ever. It turns out that I have a wonderful ministry opportunity to be the person in workout classes that makes every other participant feel better about their own skills. No matter what the instructor said, I was the one…… Continue reading So Very Weak, So Very Strong