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12 Tips for a Christ-Centered Marriage

Today I’m excited to welcome Carrie Beth Tigges, writer, school principal, mother of four, and blogger over at Mommy Musings.  A question for my married friends: Do you want a strong marriage? Me, too. I strive for it. Truth be told, I do really well some days. Other days… not so much. From the first days of my husband…… Continue reading 12 Tips for a Christ-Centered Marriage


10 Valentine’s Days You Might Remember

For a commercialized, silly holiday, it can still pack a big emotional punch. How many of these Valentine’s Days have you had? 1. The Valentine’s Day everyone is dating except you No, I’m totally fine. I’ll just watch four hours of Law & Order and eat a whole can of Betty Crocker frosting. It’s just as fun as having…… Continue reading 10 Valentine’s Days You Might Remember

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Since Laughter is the Best Medicine…

There are some nasty illnesses going around and our fam fell prey to some last week. It was miserable. First the baby, who we had to take to the Emergency Department because he was, you know, not able to breathe (he’s fine now, but it aged his poor parents 10 years). Then the preschooler, who missed a day…… Continue reading Since Laughter is the Best Medicine…

Christian reflections · Family life

The Ache of Marriage

Denise Levertov wrote a poem called “The Ache of Marriage.” When I studied it in college I wanted to throw it in the garbage. Marriage achy? Pfffft. Another example of a poet writing silly nonsense. Then I got married. That Levertov? She knew some things. Daryl finished his PhD this September. In many ways, his dissertation became a third…… Continue reading The Ache of Marriage

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5 Ways to Celebrate Advent as a Family

You guys, there are only seven more weeks until Christmas. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! [That’s crazy, hysterical laughter because: OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS NOT MUCH TIME.] Working in ministry, the pre-Christmas season takes on many additional layers. There’s the early November “I don’t have time to prep for my family’s Christmas because there are a bajillion church…… Continue reading 5 Ways to Celebrate Advent as a Family

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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Kids

1. Baby clothes are basically disposable I spent HOURS picking out clothing for my firstborn. Did I really want him to wear plaid? What type of plaid? Was tartan really HIM, or was he more of a stripes kid? You guys, baby clothes are cute and adorable and lovely and sweet and sooooo not worth having…… Continue reading 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Kids

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Holy Labor * Book Review & Giveaway!

I remember laying on the floor of my (Christian) college dorm lamenting the curse of Eve. “Why did she have to eat that stupid apple?” I wailed. It was that-time-of-the-month and I was wracked with cramps and bubbling with angst. Women often joke about the difficulties our fair sex faces, childbirth chief among them. We expect pain,…… Continue reading Holy Labor * Book Review & Giveaway!