Easter’s YES


My husband and I had a grumpy friend in seminary who always wore a scowl. Yet on Easter morning, Daryl walked by him and the man was beaming from ear to ear.

“You okay?” Daryl asked. He’d actually never seen the guy smile before.

“It’s Easter!” the man exclaimed. “It is just the BEST day!”

Agreed, sir. Agreed.

I hope you’re celebrating.I hope you sang your lungs out at a church last night or this morning, and that you’re a little bit hoarse from all the rejoicing.

I hope you’re eating too much candy and watching kiddos open plastic eggs, or at least enjoying a little beam of sun after a long winter.

It is the best day. The good is just beginning. The night is over. The day has come.

Jesus. Is. Risen.

What happened on that day (of Easter) became, was and remained the centre around which everything else moves. For everything lasts its time, but the love of God – which was at work and was expressed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead – lasts forever. Because this event took place, there is no reason to despair, and even when we read the newspaper with all its confusing and frightening news, there is every reason to hope. –Karl Barth

We’re still on Baby Watch 2016 over here. It’s looking like Baby #2 wants to celebrate his or her first Easter in 2017, despite today being my due date. So I’m celebrating Easter in my pajamas, and listening to some old school Keith Green, longing for our church family but not quite up to being out of the house.

Still, even being nine months uncomfortably pregnant can’t make me wish this day away.

It is the best day.

He is risen indeed!


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