When it Gets Ugly Out There * 10 Minute Devotional

Piping Plover and its Chick



Every time I’ve been on social media lately, I’ve logged off feeling like I need to take a shower. The vitriol in the public sphere seems to be reaching a fevered pitch.

We must speak truth in love. We must stand against injustice. We must be a people of action, not just words.

But some days, when we find ourselves in danger of cracking in two because the anxiety of a country deeply divided on dozens of deep-seated issues, we need to step back and be still.

When the venom of the public space is too much to bear, remember that God is here, stable, loving, and calm in the face of chaos.

When the vitriol of the public sphere is too much to bearremember that God is here..png

In Psalm 91, the Psalmist writes:

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

The maternal image of God as a mother bird protecting her young is mixed with the military image of a strong, stone castle wall.

God embraces us in tenderness and softness–not because of what we’ve done but because of who he is.

God protects us with strength and power–not because our country or our military or our politicians are our Saviors but because Jesus is.

If you need to get off the Internet until after November 8, do it. The world will keep turning, and there are other ways to stay informed.

Snuggle up under those wings. They are there for you, too.


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