7 Signs You Have the Best Neighbors

3cch4frdqpg-james-garcia1. They tell you they’re coming over and you don’t clean up

Okay, maybe you shove the dirty dishes into the sink, but that’s it. They can handle your baskets of laundry, piles of mail, and kid detritus. After all – you’ve seen theirs.

2. You’ve watched each other’s kids in a pinch

Boss just call you with an emergency but your spouse is gone for the evening? A great neighbor overhears your frantic cell phone conversation and texts, “Want us to watch the littles?”

You reciprocate when they need a last minute babysitter, putting a few more chairs around the dinner table for their kiddos.

3. They leave goodies on your doorstep

Merry Christmas. Happy Easter. Heck, just because it’s Tuesday. You know there will be something good in that gift bag because your neighbors rock and have great taste.

4. You keep an eye out for each other

Parked in a spot that’ll get you towed on Tuesday? Forget to roll your trash cans in?  Amazon package left too long on your porch? They’ve got your back.

5. The neighborhood kids become like cousins to your littles

Your kids get hand-me-down toys, loaner bicycles, and lessons in what’s cool. The older kids act like babysitters-in-training and the younger ones give your kids a chance to nurture and teach.

6. If they’re cooking, sometimes you get a taste

What’s that smell? Oh, just your awesome neighbors barbecuing something awesome that they’ll ring your doorbell in a few moments to share because they are awesome. Awesome.

7. They tell you they might be moving and your heart breaks a little

Don’t goooooooooooo! And if you do, take us with you?

Do you have awesome neighbors? What makes them the best?

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