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10 Gifs That Sum Up Parenting a Preschooler


How can a person be so grown-up and yet so frustratingly not all at the same time?

Raise your hand if you’ve said things like these and gotten similar reactions from your 2-5 year old… 🙋🙋🙋

1. “You have to put on a jacket.”


2. “No dessert unless you take one bite of everything.”


3. “Be nice to Aunt Mabel. She’s super excited to see you.”


4. “Why shouldn’t we buy Grandma Legos for her birthday? Well, not everyone likes Legos.”


5.”Your special blanket is fine. It’ll be out of the dryer in ten minutes.”


6. “The dentist really is just trying to clean your teeth.”


7. “I know it’s sad your show is over, but you can watch another episode tomorrow.”


8. “This is a nice, safe playground, with tons of age-appropriate things to play on, so try not to hurt yourself, ok?”


9. “I’m so sorry, but I forgot to bring snacks.”


10. “Nice try, but you already had dessert.”


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