10 Minute Devotionals… to Be Continued?

fvazbu6zae-andrew-neelHello, dear reader-friends.

I’ve been posting here since February of 2016 and loving it. [Don’t worry, I’m not stopping! This isn’t that kind of announcement.]

Each week I write a funny Monday post, a Tuesday list, and a Thursday 10-Minute devotional. The Thursday devotional is the least-read by far.

So I’m wondering… should I keep them up, or try something new?

Here are the options:

A) Keep up the Thursday 10-Minute devotional.

B) Start a regular Thursday post on living a less cluttered life. [This is a current passion of mine, and it extends beyond just organizing and KonMari-ing to paring down technological distractions, opening up your schedule, and settling your soul.]

C) Share personal stories on Thursdays.

D) Other (what would YOU like most to read?)

Leave me a comment if you’d like to weigh in!

Thanks, friends.




22 thoughts on “10 Minute Devotionals… to Be Continued?

  1. I LOVE your Thursday devotionals! I don’t always click them right away to read the whole thing because – it’s Thursday and end of the week gets crazy, but actually I go back to read them! Tuesday 10 minute devotionals and “Cut the clutter and find Clarity” Thursdays is my vote! Love your writing & your blog – THANK YOU!


    1. Agree with April – I eventually come around to your reads as I have time! Whatever you do, we love it!


      1. You guys are so kind. Helpful feedback – thank you! Moving the devos to Tuesday and doing some decluttering posts on Thursday is intriguing… It’d take advantage of the “it’s the end of the week and why is my house a mess” thing that seems to hit us every Thursday. (I’m sure I’m the ONLY one though, right?) 😉


  2. I love everything about your blog!! For this stage in my life, I would love the decluttering. This is something I am just starting to do and would love ideas and advice. God bless. – Dana


  3. Please don’t discontinue the 10 minute devotionals. I really enjoy them and benefit from them every week.


    1. Thanks for letting me know, Cheryl! Looks like moving them to earlier in the week might be the key. Hmm… pondering…


  4. I would like to see you change it up and do the decluttering and clarity Thursday but I love it all and would be happy with whatever you choose.


  5. I get the most out of the 10 minute devotionals, and I always share them. I’m not sure if you are able to track shares for readership. The devotionals always have at least one profound nugget for me to ponder.


    1. Aw, you’re nice. Thanks for letting me know! (Surprised you don’t get the most out of the mom advice posts! 😉 )


  6. I like the 10 min devotional – I read everything but enjoy this one the most

    Kathleen Kicsak Baumgartner Sent from my iPhone



  7. I love your devotionals and enjoy all your observational writings too! I don’t have a day of the week preference. Keep them coming.


  8. I truly enjoy the 10 min devotional But if I must choose, decluttering is relevant to me as we think of down-sizing, especially “stuff” . That seems to speak to all ages and stages. Love your writing


  9. Don’t stop! Love them. Even though we are in very different stages of life, your words and spiritual messages are universal. Good for my soul!


  10. Your blog is very encouraging. I’m interested in the decluttering too. I read the magic of tidying book and have been moving in that direction but would love more practical insight. Thanks for all you put into these posts!


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jane! The 10 Minute Devotionals will stay, and something new is in the works! Stay tuned. 🙂


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