10 Signs You Might Have Married a Nerd


Is your significant other a nerd? Are you a nerd?

My husband and I basically compete every day for the title of Our Home’s Biggest Nerd. Usually he wins. Sometimes, I do.


  1. When all they want on this earth is the library The Beast gifted to Belle


2. When they nerd out on an area you’re not nerd-conversant in

giphy (96).gif

You can talk all you want about Schleiermacher, hon. I’m still not going to know what you’re going on about.


3. When they are fluent in languages you don’t know

giphy (97).gif

Please don’t speak Latin to me before 9am. Or, you know, ever.


4. When their favorite physicist/chemist/inventor/theologian/entrepreneur is speaking nearby and you surprise them with tickets

giphy (98).gif

Most couples go to see the new Marvel movie, but not you.


5. When they get a new book in the mail

giphy (99).gif

Yeah, you’re not going to see them for a few days. Enjoy not having to listen to them speak Latin at you.


6. When a thinker they love puts up a new blog post

giphy (100).gif

Tell me more, oh wise ones.


7. When they get to attend a conference that specializes in their chosen brand of nerddom


Oh my word, they are not the only one who think this stuff is fascinating…


8. When you keep losing arguments because they are logic ninjas


You know what? Never mind. I’m right, but you’re exhausting.


9. When your spouse catches someone using Comic Sans font.


Usually anger of that level is reserved for typos in peer-reviewed journal articles.


10. When you realize you’ve married someone even nerdier than you


I don’t believe it! I get to be the cool kid!

Are you a nerd? Me too.

Are you married to a nerd? Tell me more!

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