5 Quick Ways to Occupy a Preschooler

Trying to get a shower in without letting your kids destroy the house? Here are a few quick, easy ways to keep your littles busy and pass a few moments’ time.

1. Bake something

giphy (81).gif

As a bonus, at the end of your activity there will be cupcaaaaaakes…

2. Come up with a secret handshake

giphy (82).gif

This one’s especially good while you’re waiting in a line somewhere.

3. Visit a kid-friendly business

giphy (83).gif

Most fire stations will let you visit. The post office is endlessly entertaining for a 2-year-old. Let your kiddos scan items at the self-service grocery store check-out line. Errands AND entertainment? Yes, please.

4. Let them style their hair

giphy (84).gif

Get the gel out, give them a comb, let them go nuts.

5. Two words: Post-it Notes


For whatever reason, kids tend to love these. I keep a package of them in my purse for plane rides.

What creative ways have you found to help keep the kiddos busy?

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