5 Reasons Having Cousins is Awesome

IMG_2484We got back from a family reunion a few weeks ago. Nearly forty of us. On my dad’s side, I’m the oldest of fifteen grandkids (and even more if you count the nine additional who have married into the fold).

It made me wonder: is there anything better than a cousin?

5 Reasons Having Cousins is Awesome

1. They’re built-in, life-long friends

My cousin Del and I used to take our blankies and hide under the coffee table when we were five. Now we play Settlers of Catan and record podcasts together. He’s still just as awesome, even if we don’t fit under the coffee table anymore.

2. They think you’re cooler than your siblings do

You can’t impress your sister; she’s your sister. But your cousin? You can impress her. Tell her that they call bubblers “drinking fountains” in Wisconsin or show her that you can do a flip on the trampoline and watch her jaw drop.

3. You can catch up in minutes, even if you only see each other every few years

Sitting down at a table full of my cousins always feels like coming home. Sure, they live in Connecticut and Washington and Illinois and Michigan and Pennsylvania these days, but we are still our five-year-old selves inside, playing with the salt shakers and smearing jam on our knives.

Best friends again? Oh yeah.

4. They are experts in things you know nothing about

Now your cousins have master’s degrees and speak French and can name every Revolutionary War memorial on the eastern seaboard. They have their own podcasts and sew their own aprons and teach Suzuki violin and are just generally the most awesome people ever.

Talk about interesting conversations over coffee!

5. For a few days every year, you get to be part of a gang

We make matching t-shirts for our family reunion every year and they are totally dorky and also amazing. Is there anything better than running around for a little while with a bunch of people who look vaguely like you and all have the same inside jokes?

No way, baby.

Do you have awesome cousins? What’s your favorite part about hanging out with them?

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