5 Simple Ways to Make Labor Day Special


  1. Rest

Many of us have weathered the first days of the school year already, new routines and lunch boxes and pick ups and drop offs. The kids are all a little bit fried. We are all a little bit fried.

So instead of packing this free day full of stuff to do, why not just rest? Let the kids stay in their pajamas until they decide they’re done with them. Sip your coffee slowly while it’s still warm. Read the paper. Play.

Rest from your labors this Labor Day.

2. Tackle that ONE project

You know the one. That drawer that creaks, that lightbulb in the garage that burned out three years ago, that box marked “miscellaneous.”

Spend ten minutes doing that thing you always say you’ll get to but never do. You’ll enjoy having it done, and you might even enjoy doing it.

3. Invite friends over

Don’t worry about having a perfectly clean house. Order take-out if you have to. But open your doors to some neighborhood kids or your small group or the in-laws for a few hours.

Nothing makes a holiday feel holiday-y like friends.

4. Read something on paper

Revel in the luxury of an actual magazine, a real newspaper, a hardback book. Give yourself an hour before bed and soak in some delicious reading.

Need a suggestion? I’m just finished The Light Between Oceans and it is ridiculously fantastic. If you’re more of a nonfiction fan, Eugene Peterson’s Leap Over a Wall has been my food for thought this month.

5. Go to bed early

What time do you usually go to bed? Bump that earlier by an hour. Give yourself a good start on the busy week ahead and refresh your body from all the end-of-summer errands. Your morning self will thank you.

How are you celebrating this Labor Day?

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