10 Random Things to Make You Smile, Even Though it’s Monday

Because it’s Monday, because the world isn’t all on fire, and because a smile is good for the soul.

1. In Seattle, there’s a preschool that meets in a nursing home

2. As of last week, snow leopards weren’t classified as endangered anymore

Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash

3. The fact that Winston Churchill (who liked his dinner drinks) visited the United States during the Prohibition and managed to get a doctor’s prescription for at least six shots of alcohol a day.

4. There is a black market for maple syrup in Canada.

5. You can cast your ballot in the next major election in a McDonald’s in L.A. (if you live there, of course).

6. Apparently the guy from the Monopoly game has a name?

7. Jenna Fischer (Pam) cried with joy when she heard Jon Krasinski had been cast as Jim on The Office


8. There’s a whole website devoted to what’s happening in the world of sports uniforms design

9. This always makes me chuckle. (Also check out the comma chameleon farther down the page…)

10. This awesome person, Annie Spratt, is trying to give away 1,000,000 beautiful, high-res photos for free

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



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