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10 Signs You’ve Celebrated Halloween in the Rural Midwest
Photo my own. Aren’t we ridiculous?
  1. Your costume had to fit over a snowsuit
giphy-downsized-large (3)

Those boots in my hubby’s costume above? Yeah, those are Sorrel snow boots.

2. Houses were far apart and yards were big, so you had to work hard for each piece of candy


It was like 0.9 miles per mini Snickers. You basically had to eat all the candy while you walked so you didn’t die of starvation or hypothermia.

3. Halloween decorations were basically just stuff people had lying around anyway


Oh look, a hay bale. Well, aren’t you seasonally just so spot-on.

Corn husks? You’d better believe it.

Pumpkins? They’re growing out back.

4. Someone always handed out cans of soda…



5. …which was great, until you realized it made your trick-or-treating bag weigh like ninety pounds.


So you spent the next mile trying to talk your younger sibling into carrying it for you.

“I’ll even let you have a sip! Promise!”

6. You didn’t mind the cold, because at least it meant all the mosquitoes were finally dead


Frostbite totally beats red, itchy welts and West Nile virus.

7. If you couldn’t come up with a costume, you could always just wear camouflage.


Because between deer hunters and military folks, every family had at least something you could borrow that could pass as a costume.

8. Haunted houses weren’t scary. Rumored razor blades in Milky Ways weren’t scary. The bears in the woods were scary.


So cute! Too bad it can rip your Halloween mask and your face off.

9. When you got a little older, it was all about finding out where the best bonfire would be


They were all way back in the woods. There was no GPS. You might get lost forever, but if not unlimited s’mores.

10. At the end of the day, candy is candy and it didn’t matter where it came from. What mattered most was how much you could eat before your mom told you to stop. 


And that, friends, is pretty universal no matter where you celebrated.

Where’d you grow up celebrating Halloween? What’s your best Halloween memory?

5 thoughts on “10 Signs You’ve Celebrated Halloween in the Rural Midwest

  1. So relatable & so funny! The years of trick or treating in Ill. & Wi just came flooding back to me & couldn’t help but laugh😀 The kids in FL have it so easy!! I love how you express yourself in writing. You’re a perfect combination of wisdom & humor!!


  2. Ha, ha. Completely true in my neck of the woods as well. The good thing about walking so far between houses is that people are often very generous.


  3. Ha! Yeah, we were SO rural that we couldn’t even walk between the houses. The Lion’s Club in town always put on a pretty good party though, and a lot of us made it over to that. We still tried to bundle up though- especially after the ‘Halloween blizzard’ in…1990 I think? 🙂 Thanks for bringing up some fun memories!


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