Family Advent Scripture Readings

photo-1449885164684-02f9f7f1caa5[Adapted from a post originally published November 2016.]

As the mother of two very active little boys (and one 1 month old girl, but she’s easier to manage right now…!), I know that brevity is key in family devotions. For Advent, my husband and I have instituted a practice we called “Candle, Scripture, Prayer, Treat.”

Our oldest lights a candle. As the boys watches the flame dance, Daryl or I read a verse of Scripture. Then we’d talk about it for a moment or two.

We’d say a simple prayer and encourage our sons to pray, too (“God, thank you for Jesus,” for example). Then they get a treat from the Advent calendar and the youngest blows out the candle.

It’s amazing how focused little kids can get when there’s fire and sugar involved.

There are loads of great Advent Scripture reading lists online. However, many of these are for adults or older children, and so are lengthy in nature. For anyone else trying to keep wiggly bottoms in chairs long enough to talk about Jesus, I give you, Advent Scripture readings for young families.

Family Advent Readings

Dec. 1: Isaiah 9:2

Dec 2: Isaiah 9:6

Dec 3: Isaiah 9:7a

Dec 4: Luke 1:26-33

Dec 5: Luke 1:30-35

Dec 6: Luke 1:35-38

Dec 7: Luke 1:46-47

Dec 8: Isaiah 40:1

Dec 9: Isaiah 40:4-5

Dec 10: Isaiah 40:10-11

Dec 11: Micah 5:2

Dec 12: John 1:1-3

Dec 13: John 1:4-5

Dec 14: John 1:14

Dec 15: John 1:18

Dec 16: Matthew 1:18-21

Dec 17: Matthew 1:22-24

Dec 18: John 10:10

Dec 19: Luke 2:1

Dec 20: Luke 2:2

Dec 21: Luke 2:3

Dec 22: Luke 2:4-5

Dec 23: Luke 2:6-7

Dec 24: Christmas Eve – Luke 2:1-20

If you’ll be using this list, leave a comment! I’d love to pray for you and your family this Advent season.


16 thoughts on “Family Advent Scripture Readings

  1. Dear Courtney, I enjoyed your 2 introductions to Advent observance. My experience with this custom is very limited. Since Grandpa and I are children in this, I plan to read your daily verses, and read the JSBB as you described, beginning December 1st, and I hope Grandpa will do it with me. You can be sure we will be thinking of Linc and Will and praying for your little family along with our observance.

    Pertinent to nothing in particular: my Oklahoma aunties (southern sisters of my mother) forever called my Dad (Clark Wilson) Wilkes, after Ashely Wilkes in Gone With The Wind. (GWTW was a huge deal to these women) after it debuted, I think, in 1939. I see you once referred to Wilson as Wills. Grandpa tried to foist Willy off on me the first few days, but I have forbidden him to use such an undignified name for such an excellent person as our Wilson.

    Jus so you know, we are nutty over your dear family!

    Much love and prayers always, Grandma


    1. That’s so fun to hear! Let me know how it goes for Advent for you! And yes, we call Wilson “Wils” a lot. He doesn’t seem to mind. 😊 The nickname Willy honestly never occurred to me until my dad brought it up after Wilson was named… Never Willy! I like Wilkes, though. May have to use that one too!


  2. I was directed to your blog via the lovely Anna Thelan. This is such a great list, and I will be using it with my 4, 3 and 1 year olds. Complete with cheap chocolate advent calendars 🙂 Thanks for compiling this list!


  3. You’re the first stop in my journey to learning about the Advent Season. Is it a season? I have been a Christian for years and I thought Advent was just a countdown to Christmas with candy. I don’t know why my parents never did this with me but I have a 10 year old son that I can’t wait to share this with him.


    1. That’s wonderful! It is a season indeed. The four Sundays leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, a time of holy waiting both for the celebration of Jesus’ birth and for the return of Christ in glory. It’s a lovely season!


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