Drinking Deeply

Photo by Kelly Neil on Unsplash

Early in our marriage my husband Daryl and I lived in southern Wisconsin, where the soil is so black and rich it seems like Narnia—you could plant even a lamppost, and it would grow.

We grew a garden—our very first—astounded by the fat cherry tomatoes that burst from the ground, the jalapeños spiky with spice, the mint that threatened to take over it all. We bought a compost bin and churned our kitchen trash into new soil, eggshells and coffee grounds and potato peelings dissolving to feed next season’s harvest. Our toddler son watched spiders and ate dirt and laughed and laughed. After stressful meetings at work, I’d kneel amidst the greens and pull weeds, nature’s best therapy.

Gardening is easy, we thought…

Read the rest over at God’s Whisper Farm, where the lovely Andi Cumbo-Floyd is hosting me today.

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2 thoughts on “Drinking Deeply

  1. Great post. As an avid gardener now living in near soiless (though not souless) conditions in Florida I can identity. Blessings as you grow your raised beds along with your family!


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