5 Good Reads for Holy Week


Looking for some food for thought this Holy Week? Check out these five good reads.

(And don’t look now, but these are all written by women. Brilliant, theologically minded women. Pretty sure Jesus is smiling about that one.)

  1. Fleming Rutledge’sRedeemed by Death and Resurrection,” an excerpt from her book, The Crucifixion.

“A declaration of amnesty does not solve the problem of guilt. Some­thing must be done to rectify the situation.”

A helpful reminder of why the crucifixion was the only way.

2. Bonnie McMacken at Today’s Christian Woman on Christian Celebration.

“Celebration in the midst of heartache is hardest of all…But what’s more authentic than shaky hands reached toward the sky, rejoicing over God’s splendor when we fail to understand?”

Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

A good reminder to me, keeper of the shoestring budget, to actually celebrate sometimes. Especially on days like, you know, Easter.

3. Anne Lamott on All Things Considered, talking about the Meaning of Easter.

“And we will sit down and eat. The most sacred thing we do.”

Anne Lamott is the master of reverent irreverence, and giving a new perspective to an ancient practice.

4. The poem “Gethsemane,” by Mary Oliver, from Thirst which is just really, really beautiful stuff.

Somehow the cricket shows up at just the right spot.

5. An excerpt from Tish Harrison Warren’s book The Liturgy of the Ordinary, “Fighting with My Husband and the Work of Shalom.”

In a section about passing the peace in church, she totally sums up what it looks like in our congregation:

“At church on Sunday morning, right before the Eucharist, we pass the peace. At the churches I’ve been to, this mostly looks like chaos. Parishioners turn to each other and say “Peace of Christ to you” or “Peace of the Lord” or “Hey” or “My name is Jim.” Kids run around the sanctuary. People talk. It’s loud.”

And beautiful. Just like the work of making peace.

What are you reading this Holy Week?
(Originally posted April 11, 2017.)


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