Want Some Free Books? You’ve Come to the Right Place

In honor of Mother’s Day and all you folks out there who are moms, have moms, or know a mom or two (everyone covered? perf!), I’m doing a big giveaway. Huge-mongous, even. You can win a copy of each of the four lovely, amazing, encouraging, soul-lifting books:     I’ll send ’em right to your … More Want Some Free Books? You’ve Come to the Right Place

So… I Wrote a Book

So… over the past couple of years I wrote a book. Last March I submitted the manuscript for Uncluttered. Later that spring I revised, hunted down citations, and worked with a fabulous team of editors who alternately served as exhorters, critics, and cheerleaders, depending on what each paragraph needed most. I got a first peek … More So… I Wrote a Book

Words of Wisdom

Because we’re deep into Newbornlandia over here (mad props to my mom, who is saving our sanity with laundry and kid wrangling and newborn rocking so I can actually get a gosh darned shower now and then), I don’t have any words of my own to offer this week, but I do have some fantastic reads for … More Words of Wisdom