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Knowing No (Soul Space Thursdays)

There’s a great short story by Herman Melville about a notary with a rotten boss who suddenly decides he’s had enough. After years of drudgery, serving as a legal scribe without adequate compensation or respect, one day when Bartleby’s boss asks him to examine a paper, he hesitates. “Bartleby,” writes Melville, “in a singularly mild,…… Continue reading Knowing No (Soul Space Thursdays)

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A Laser Yes (Soul Space Thursday)

When I was eleven months pregnant with our second child (okay, okay, it was only eight-and-a-half, but it felt like eleven), I picked up our three-year-old at preschool only to have his teacher stop me at the door. “You know,” she said, reaching behind her for a clipboard, “Lincoln hasn’t taken the bird home this…… Continue reading A Laser Yes (Soul Space Thursday)

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Read the Fine Print (Soul Space Thursday)

Daryl and I did a crazy thing a couple of months ago. In a digitally-defined world, we subscribed to a newspaper. A real, honest-to-goodness, newsprint newspaper. You guys, it gets delivered to our house. I read it while I drink my coffee. If I run my fingers across its pages, they get smudged with ink. I know, right? We’re such…… Continue reading Read the Fine Print (Soul Space Thursday)