My Birthday Wish

Last week my mom and my husband both asked what I wanted for my birthday. Most years, I would have had an answer at the ready. New shoes. A book. A pedicure. A night out. This time, the question made me pause. What did I want?  In the last six months our family has celebrated … More My Birthday Wish

Top 10 Children’s Books About Differences and Disabilities

My oldest son has just started asking questions about disabilities. Whether it’s why we can’t park in the handicapped spot at the pool to what happened to his little friend at preschool who uses leg braces, I’ve been looking for thoughtful resources to help him understand differences and disabilities. Enter Courtney Westlake. This author, blogger, and … More Top 10 Children’s Books About Differences and Disabilities

10 Things to Do When Mommy Needs a Time-Out

This guest post was written by the gracious and gifted Kelly Smith of Mrs. Disciple. Check her out, yo. Do you ever felt like your mommy head might explode? Be it a colicky baby, a mischievous middle child, or a sassy-mouthed teen, sometimes our kids push us to the limit. Add the housework, responsibilities outside the home, and the … More 10 Things to Do When Mommy Needs a Time-Out

10 Signs You Might Be the Parent of a Teenager

This guest post was written by the lovely and talented Stacey Philpot of Chronically Whole. Originally posted at For Every Mom. Here are 10 signs you’re raising one of them. (Solidarity, sister) You go through a box of cereal and a gallon of milk a day. You might as well tell the delivery truck to skip the grocery store and … More 10 Signs You Might Be the Parent of a Teenager

Ninja Rowing

Chaplaincy education is intense. Most Presbyterian ministers-in-training are required to go through it before ordination, most often in a hospital setting. It’s great preparation for ministry since you see lots of suffering and a good bit of death. You get to know families and patients and nurses and doctors and you witness some of the most difficult bits … More Ninja Rowing

Mommy Link Roundup

There are a lot of posts out there on the Interwebs for moms. There’s a lot of junk out there, too. It takes time to sift through them and find some goodies. Once a month I’m going to post a “Mommy Link Roundup” – a handful of articles I’ve read that I’ve found helpful, interesting, … More Mommy Link Roundup

On Being “Older”

My husband had knee surgery a couple weeks ago. In the days leading up to it he went for a prep appointment with his surgeon. Daryl’s been through this surgery – repair to a meniscus (that cartilage pad inside your knee) – before. Ten years ago, when we were still boyfriend-and-girlfriend, his roommates and I helped him recover by … More On Being “Older”