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Come, Ye Thankful People * 10 Minute Devotional

The value of simplicity and gratitude in an age of overcommitment and abundance.

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Taking Some Soul Space (Soul Space Thursday)

Things are about to ramp up around here. Thanksgiving plans are underway; Advent is just around the corner; Christmas is coming. Church is about to get busy. School is about to get busy. Home is about to get busy. I can see the busy on the horizon like a storm front rolling in. It’s a…… Continue reading Taking Some Soul Space (Soul Space Thursday)

Christian reflections

Building is Hard * 10 Minute Devotional

My younger son is at the peak of the developmental phase of toddlerhood that looks like this: Take all the folded laundry out of the basket. Unspool all the toilet paper off of the roll. Dump out all of mom’s makeup and then shake/pour/smear out each individual product. Pour the Legos out onto the floor.…… Continue reading Building is Hard * 10 Minute Devotional

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Knowing No (Soul Space Thursdays)

There’s a great short story by Herman Melville about a notary with a rotten boss who suddenly decides he’s had enough. After years of drudgery, serving as a legal scribe without adequate compensation or respect, one day when Bartleby’s boss asks him to examine a paper, he hesitates. “Bartleby,” writes Melville, “in a singularly mild,…… Continue reading Knowing No (Soul Space Thursdays)

Christian reflections

Helpless Christianity * 10 Minute Devotional

We’re preaching through Romans at our church right now, and I’ll admit that it’s a challenge. I’m more a John sort of girl. I like an image to hang my hat on, a story to dive into. Romans is short on story and long on multisyllabic words. Unpacking Paul is like opening up a set…… Continue reading Helpless Christianity * 10 Minute Devotional