Holy Erasure

Photo by Kim Gorga on Unsplash

If you could eliminate one verse from the Bible forever, what would it be?

I posed this question on Twitter a few weeks ago as an intellectual exercise, not an actual plan to remove sacred text. Our answers to questions like these can tell us a lot about ourselves, our priorities, our blind spots, our fears. Which sections of God’s word make us squirm, and why?

The answers I received were all over the map. A couple of women wanted 1 Timothy 2:12 struck down. Lots of folks wanted to do away with Judges 21, which, upon first reading, seems as if God sanctions genocide—not a good look. Anglican priest Tyler Wigg-Stevenson joked eliminating Revelation 22:19 would be the equivalent of “wishing for more wishes,” because once the prohibition against subtracting things from Holy Writ was gone, we could do away with whatever additional verses we wanted.

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