So… I Wrote a Book

So… over the past couple of years I wrote a book. Last March I submitted the manuscript for Uncluttered. Later that spring I revised, hunted down citations, and worked with a fabulous team of editors who alternately served as exhorters, critics, and cheerleaders, depending on what each paragraph needed most. I got a first peek … More So… I Wrote a Book

5 Things to Avoid in Your Blog Bio

Often I learn things the hard way. Example 1: I learned not to wash the preschooler’s red Iron Man shirt with light-colored clothing. Duh. (On the plus side, we now have lots of pink socks.) Example 2: I learned to avoid telling someone recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, “It’s okay, it’s actually way easier than being diabetic!” because it turns … More 5 Things to Avoid in Your Blog Bio