Mommy Link Roundup

There are a lot of posts out there on the Interwebs for moms. There’s a lot of junk out there, too. It takes time to sift through them and find some goodies. Once a month I’m going to post a “Mommy Link Roundup” – a handful of articles I’ve read that I’ve found helpful, interesting, … More Mommy Link Roundup

5 Things Nobody Told Me About Adding Baby #2

No matter how well you’ve prepared for certain big things in life, you can never be fully prepared. Whether you’re surrounded by well-wishers offering advice or totally alone on an island, there will be things you just didn’t predict until the big event happens. I had some idea of what welcoming baby #2 into our lives would … More 5 Things Nobody Told Me About Adding Baby #2

10 Reasons Parental Leave is Necessary

I’m currently on parental leave from my position as an associate pastor. Our church has been incredibly supportive of our growing family. Not everyone is so blessed. Parental leave is a sticky wicket in America. It shouldn’t be, but it is. From my own ongoing personal experience, here are 10 Reasons Parental Leave is Necessary. 10. Yesterday … More 10 Reasons Parental Leave is Necessary