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7 Ways Pregnancy is Like Survivor

Because neither one is for the faint of heart… 1. People say inappropriate things to you “You know how that happens, right?” Nope. Please do enlighten me. 2. You spend weeks trying to hide a really big secret Nothing to see here. Just suddenly wearing lots of scarves and drapey cardigans and sweaters in 80 degree…… Continue reading 7 Ways Pregnancy is Like Survivor

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Holy Labor * Book Review & Giveaway!

I remember laying on the floor of my (Christian) college dorm lamenting the curse of Eve. “Why did she have to eat that stupid apple?” I wailed. It was that-time-of-the-month and I was wracked with cramps and bubbling with angst. Women often joke about the difficulties our fair sex faces, childbirth chief among them. We expect pain,…… Continue reading Holy Labor * Book Review & Giveaway!

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10 Things No One Tells You About Breastfeeding

Disclaimer: This post is about breastfeeding. It will talk about, you know, breasts. If that makes you squeamish, then this post isn’t for you. You can eat like a team of oxen and not gain weight Sure, you might not lose all the baby weight that quickly if you’re eating nine meals a day, but the baby needs milk…… Continue reading 10 Things No One Tells You About Breastfeeding