7 Ways Pregnancy is Like Survivor

Photo by faris fawaaz on Unsplash

Because neither one is for the faint of heart…

1. People say inappropriate things to yougiphy-2

“You know how that happens, right?”

Nope. Please do enlighten me.

2. You spend weeks trying to hide a really big secret


Nothing to see here. Just suddenly wearing lots of scarves and drapey cardigans and sweaters in 80 degree weather for no reason.

3. You act okay on the outside, even though you’re often losing it on the inside


“How you feeling?”

“Great!” (Except for the nine times I threw up this morning and the fact that I have literally two shirts that still fit. But seriously – so great!)

4. You have to learn to deal with disappointment


You mean that even with all this ridiculously overpriced belly cream, I am still getting stretch marks? What the…

5. The longer things go, the closer you get to the prize


Eye on the prize. Eye on the prize.

Why else would anyone sleep on the ground, eat bugs, and not shower for 39 days and/or throw up for three months, grow out of all their clothing, endure countless nosy and inappropriate comments, and then push out a giant human being after 9 months?

6. The more information you gather, the more freaked out you get


What do you MEAN 1 in every 2,000-3,000 babies is born with a full set of teeth?!

I did NOT need to know that.

7. Having a good teammate makes everything just a little easier


Thanks for running out for that McDonald’s strawberry sundae at 11pm for me, bud.

Go team.

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