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Knowing No (Soul Space Thursdays)

There’s a great short story by Herman Melville about a notary with a rotten boss who suddenly decides he’s had enough. After years of drudgery, serving as a legal scribe without adequate compensation or respect, one day when Bartleby’s boss asks him to examine a paper, he hesitates. “Bartleby,” writes Melville, “in a singularly mild,…… Continue reading Knowing No (Soul Space Thursdays)

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A Laser Yes (Soul Space Thursday)

When I was eleven months pregnant with our second child (okay, okay, it was only eight-and-a-half, but it felt like eleven), I picked up our three-year-old at preschool only to have his teacher stop me at the door. “You know,” she said, reaching behind her for a clipboard, “Lincoln hasn’t taken the bird home this…… Continue reading A Laser Yes (Soul Space Thursday)

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Jettison the ‘Just in Case’ (Soul Space Thursday)

When it comes to clutter, I can be pretty ruthless. I don’t like excess stuff hanging around, and I’m not very sentimental. Still, everyone has a blind spot when it comes to accumulating junk. My Achilles’ heel is saving unnecessary and sometimes random stuff just in case. Anybody else? I get this from my dad,…… Continue reading Jettison the ‘Just in Case’ (Soul Space Thursday)

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Don’t Give Away the Time (Soul Space Thursday)

I like to joke that most things in life can be explained by scenes from either The Office (the American version, of course) or The West Wing. Take this scene from The Office, for example, where Holly Flax tries to explain time theft to her officemates. That, to the company, taking extra time at the water cooler…… Continue reading Don’t Give Away the Time (Soul Space Thursday)

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First Things First * 10 Minute Devotional

An old Wheaton acquaintance of mine, Brett McCracken, created this great graphic. I came across it on Facebook last week and it stopped me in my tracks. You guys, yes.  It seems so obvious – build everything on Scripture, learn from our local church and the great church tradition, spend time in nature, read books (actual,…… Continue reading First Things First * 10 Minute Devotional