Back to School Mommy Link Round-up


Oh man, you guys. School starts here in a week. A WEEK!

Anyone else having a bazillion thoughts running through their brains, including but not limited to:


2. Did we make the most of every magical moment? Were any moments actually magical? Were too many of them magical? Did I WASTE THIS SUMMER BY MAKING IT TOO/NOT ENOUGH MAGICAL?

3. When did so many kids develop allergies to so many things and how on earth can I pack food for my kid if even hummus is now off-limits?

The end of summer makes me have ALLTHEFEELS. You get me?

Anyway, to make your transition back into the ordered chaos that is drop-offs, pick-ups, permission slips, and packed lunches, August’s Mommy Link Round-Up features a back to school theme. Whether you love it or hate it, you’ll find a friend here.



Feeling overwhelmed? Let Stacey Jackson Gagnon give you a few laughs over at Twas the Night Before School Starts. Her adorable family is pictured below, and also can we make #tgibts (Thank Goodness It’s Back to School) a thing? Please?


From Stacey Philpot, a reminder to be kind, since some moms have it harder than others when it comes to back to school. Welcome to the Mommy Wars

From teacher Sarah May, I Hate August 

From Scary Mommy, Teachers, Save Me

And from Kristina Slaney, What’s on Your Mom Shirt?

My mom shirt would totally say, “PUT YOUR SHOES ON.” What about yours?


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