10 Things to Do on Election Day

photo-1432837600650-e430234b632a.jpgIt’s finally here.

After perhaps the craziest election cycle in the history of America, we will know soon who is our president.

While we wait, a few alternatives to watching the 24-hour news cycle. Because the fatigue is real, yo.

  1. Go to work

Because, duh, it’s still a Tuesday. Even if it’s a Tuesday that will be deciding our collective national fate for the next four years.

2. Eat tacos.

Because… well, see #1.

3. Pray for our country.

No matter who wins, rifts have been created and we will need healing, listening, grace, and strength all round.

4. Vote

Did you not do this already? STOP READING THIS, SILLY! Go do your hard-won civic duty.

Then, if you’re living close enough to Rochester, NY, go visit Susan B. Anthony’s grave.

5. Talk to your kids about politics

Why do we work for good in the public sphere? How should we interact with those with whom we disagree? How does voting work?

Of course, if you have a four-year-old, as I do, most of this will just be white noise to them and after what you think is a very thoughtful, nuanced conversation, they will look up at you and say, “So are you going to be president, Mommy?”

Um, no. But I’m glad we had this talk.

6. Reflect on elections past

Where were you in November 2012? 2008? 2004? Back even farther?

My husband and I talked through our election history together. When the hanging chads debacle began, we were students in Oxford. Not dating. No romantic interest. But lots of deep intellectual conversations which, in retrospect, paved the way for some serious romantic interest only months later.

In 2012 our firstborn helped my husband vote at our polling place in rural Wisconsin.

7. Read this

Because nothing helps a little cultural anxiety like a word from a wise pastor.

8. And this

Because Freakonomics is always good for a think.

9. Spend some time here

Because it’s good to remember that the future of humanity isn’t in human hands. (Thank you, Jesus.)

10. Eat something sweet or fatty or chocolatey because YOU HAVE LIVED THROUGH THIS ELECTION CYCLE SO YOU HAVE EARNED IT.

Nuff said.


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