Since Laughter is the Best Medicine…

0vnvxhenkii-markus-spiske.jpgThere are some nasty illnesses going around and our fam fell prey to some last week.

It was miserable.

First the baby, who we had to take to the Emergency Department because he was, you know, not able to breathe (he’s fine now, but it aged his poor parents 10 years).

Then the preschooler, who missed a day of school, lived on popcicles for 24 hours, and got boogers on every single Lego we own.

Then Daryl, whose doctor looked in his throat and said, “Yeahhhhh,” and immediately got out his prescription pad.

Then me.

But the thing is, when you’re a parent you don’t really get to be sick. You just get to feel totally awful while doing all the things you normally do.

Here’s what it’s like to get sick at every age.

  1. Getting sick as a kid.

You mean I get to watch a bunch of television and drink Sprite? Yes, please.

2. Getting sick in high school.


*Cough, cough* “No, Mom, I am sick. It has nothing to do with that Algebra test.”

3. Getting sick in college.


Better hope your roommate takes pity on you and bring you Gatorade, because the cafeteria doesn’t deliver.

4. Getting sick as a newlywed


Need an extra blanket? A cool cloth for your forehead? That special kind of orange juice they only sell at Whole Foods? Your spouse will get right on that.

5. Getting sick after you’ve been married a couple of years


Oh, get over it, whiner. You’re not the first human to have the flu.

6. Getting sick as the parent of a young kid.


Who is laying sick in bed?

Not you, you have kids!

Pound some Emergen-C and get back to watching them before they find your secret candy stash or light the cat on fire.

7. Watching your little kids get sick, looking around for an adult to clean up the mess and realizing… that adult is you


Hold your nose and get out the Clorox. It’ll all be over soon.


Stay well, my friends.

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