10 Valentine’s Days You Might Remember

zaobpee_vv4-laura-ockelFor a commercialized, silly holiday, it can still pack a big emotional punch.

How many of these Valentine’s Days have you had?

1. The Valentine’s Day everyone is dating except you


No, I’m totally fine. I’ll just watch four hours of Law & Order and eat a whole can of Betty Crocker frosting. It’s just as fun as having a special someone.

2. The Valentine’s Day when you’ve only been dating someone for a couple of weeks and barely know them but you have to celebrate or else it might be awkward


Oooh, yes, I do love cheap teddy bears. Doesn’t every adult?

It’s cool. At least you tried.

3. The Valentine’s Day riiiiight after someone breaks your heart


Go ahead, world. Be happy. Me and all my shattered dreams will be just fine.

4. The Valentine’s Day in high school when all the couples use it as an excuse to make out in the hallways…


GET A ROOM, PEOPLE. Oh wait, you’re in high school. So don’t. Just STOP IT.

5. The Valentine’s Day you and your best friend decide that being single is totally okay 


Thanks for being single at the same time as me so we can remember that we’re not alone.

6. The Valentine’s Day a person you’ve repeatedly turned down asks you out again “because it’s Valentine’s Day”


Still no.

7. The time you forgot it was Valentine’s Day and went out to dinner


Oh, for the love of all that is good in the world, do you have to hold hands across the bread basket? Some of us are TRYING TO EAT HERE.

8. The first Valentine’s Day with your soul mate


I don’t care what we do. I just want to be near you.

9. The Valentine’s Day when your love says, “Want to dress up and go out tonight?”


Heck yes, I do.

10. Valentine’s Day after 5+ years of marriage when your spouse suggests staying home because the restaurants will all be super crowded


Don’t start the Top Chef episode until I get my sweats on. I love you so much right now.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends. Single, dating, married, I hope you know that you are loved.

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