4 thoughts on “Monday Mommy Gifs 8

  1. Yesss. I wonder what their thought process is sometimes. “She wants me to wear a jacket… I bet it’s not even cold, and she’s just trying to KEEP ME DOWN, KEEP ME IN FLEECEY BONDAGE, HECK NAW!”

    Is it bad that “Michael Scott” was one of my oldest child’s first phrases?


    1. I do think my son assumes I’m just trying to torture him with windbreakers. Why he believes this, I have no idea.

      And the fact that “Michael Scott” was one of your child’s first phrases is a definite parenting win. 😉

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  2. My Momma had stories about Julia Dee and the leggings! I refused to wear them, and cried all day on our shopping trip on bus and streetcar in St. Louis! She had to carry me and of course she wore high heels. What we owe our parents!


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