10 Times Sesame Street Perfectly Described Life as a 30-Something


  1. Random stranger: “Yeah, you should have that mole checked out.”

Isn’t getting older awesome?


2. When you realize that the super odd kid from your high school went to Harvard Law, has published three books, started an African NGO, and is running for Congress.


Oh YEAH? Well, I… ate a kale salad today instead of a burger and I got my kid to poop in the potty. So… samesies.


3. When you figure out that Facebook is basically reading your mind and trying to sell you things


But… but… I thought we were FRIENDS!


4. When you and your spouse agree that you’re pretty much done going to parties that start after 8pm.


Pretty sure the last movie I went to that started after 9pm was My Best Friend’s Wedding. Don’t judge. Matinees are awesome. 


5. When someone asks if your 401k is where you’d like it to be


Why not? Ohmygosh, diapers. And food. And rent. And graduate school. And more graduate school.


6. When you have a conversation with a high schooler and can’t help trying to act cool even though that ship has so TOTALLY sailed…


“That sweater is so on fleek!”

Sigh. You’re not fooling anyone, 30-year-old lady.


7. When there’s a sale on sunscreen and you’re not ashamed to go bananas.


Clear that shelf. You don’t want that annual dermatologist check-in to become a monthly one.


8. Trying to figure out what concoction to put on your face at night


Moisturizer? Toner? Retinol? Eye mask?

Welcome to the decade where you get to have residual acne and brand-new wrinkles! Aren’t your 30s super fun?


9. Trying to get back into shape after any time at all away from the gym


You mean I can’t just spring right back into marathon form after two weeks like I used to in my 20s? Dannnnnnng.


10. Realizing you are pretty darned proud of the person you’re becoming in your 30s


Hey, man, I earned these fine lines, stretch marks, and battle scars!


What’s surprising you about your current decade of life?


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