10 Ways Vacation Bible School is Like The Great British Bake Off

Because the awesomest, craziest week in ministry and trying to bake 150 cream puffs in two hours actually have a lot in common.

1. When there’s a potty accident… 

giphy (69).gif

You just never know with 3-year-olds…


2. When the clay for the children’s craft seizes up

giphy (71).gif

Must… sculpt… tower… of… Babel…


3. When you need to remind the teens not to mess with the sound board

giphy (72).gif

No touchie. No touch.


4. When someone calls in sick but the show must go on

giphy (73).gif

Can’t stop someone from coming down with the flu, but can’t stop leading the music, either!


5. When someone asks if you want to go to the park that afternoon

giphy (74).gif

I and everyone who lives with me will be eating microwaved fish sticks and then taking our mandatory post-VBS naps, thanksverymuch.


6. When you get into the flow by Wednesday and realize how awesome VBS truly is

giphy (80).gif


7. When things come together perfectly because of the hard work of the amazing team

giphy (75).gif

*sniffle* I just love you guys.


8. When someone you’ve mentored leads for the first time and they NAIL it

giphy (76).gif

Proud, proud mama bear.


9. Riiiight before the big finale

giphy (77).gif

We’ve only poured our whole lives into this.


10. Friday afternoon

giphy (79).gif

If you need me, I’ll be sleeping until VBS 2018.

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