Introducing Soul Space Thursdays

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Ever feel like you have too much stuff, you’re way too busy, and your soul is just plain tired? Me too.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce Soul Space Thursdays! Beginning next week, Thursdays will feature posts about how to pare down the clutter, step off the busyness train, and create space for your soul to grow.

From minimalism to organization, from saying no (it’s a full sentence!) to saying yes, from the tiny house movement to hot dog hospitality, Live Free Thursdays are going to rock.

Come learn with me as I practice what I preach, living with less stuff, less stress, and more soul.

This week, we begin with a question.

What area of your life feels least free?


2 thoughts on “Introducing Soul Space Thursdays

  1. Not enough time in the day to get everything done! My house cleaning suffers, as I put people ahead of things. And “I guess” I have too many things, as if I had less in the house it wouldn’t be so overwhelming to clean? But I don’t like the “coldness” of a minimalist house. Looking forward to this journey with you!


    1. I totally feel you, Erica! There’s a big difference between a cold minimalist space and an inviting, hospitable one. Finding that balance is something I’ll be posting about in the weeks to come. Stay tuned! (And thanks for joining the journey!)


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