Make it Your Ambition to Lead a Quiet Lent


For Lent this year, I’m logging off. Going dark. Signing off.

Want to join me?

I’ve realized my tech habits aren’t what I want them to be. I’m not the world’s worst offender when it comes to hours logged online, but I’m far from unplugged.

I discovered Twitter recently and it is fun and addictive. The bottomless bowl of Facebook promises to entertain but really just leaves me wanting more. I haven’t been on Instagram in a year or so, and while I don’t miss it, the desire to check just onnnnnne time gnaws at the back of my mind on occasion.

So for Lent this year, Ash Wednesday on February 14 through Easter Sunday on April 1, I’ll be off of social media entirely. This blog will be quiet. (What kind of hypocrite would I be if I encouraged you to keep meeting me here while I was away?) My soul? I think it’ll be a good bit more quiet, too.

With the extra time I’ll gain (and it’ll be more time than I’d care to admit!), I’m going to live in the world. Play with my kids. Read things on actual paper. Pick up my dusty French horn (you knew I was a nerd, didn’t you?!) and try to remember how to play it.

I’m going to write letters to folks in my life who might need a hug. I’m going to try to get better at sending thank you cards in a reasonable amount of time. (No promises, though.)

One of the major pitfalls in using digital technology is it’s all too easy to fall for the lie that “this’ll just take a second.” And then those seconds add up into hours and before we know it we’ve hit the national average of spending 5 hours a day on our screens. Five. Hours. Let that sink in.

Anybody want to join me? Let’s do a little less and live a little more this Lent. I think Jesus will meet us right there. He always does.

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