When God Insists on Rest * 10 Minute Devotional

Photo by Ambitious Creative Co. – Rick Barrett on Unsplash

Lessons on grace from the most familiar Psalm.

Have you ever felt certain of something only to have that certainty completely overturned? If you want to make God laugh, the saying goes, just tell him your plans.

This is a frequent story in Scripture. Moses knows he will live out his days as a shepherd in the hills of Midian—until he spots a bush bursting with flame that doesn’t burn up. Esther knows she cannot speak to the king uninvited—until Mordecai convicts her with his wise and challenging words. Paul knows persecuting Christians is the right thing to do—until God breaks through to him on the road to Damascus.

Christianity is a faith of holy interruptions, of God stopping us in our tracks to teach us, again and again, that despite our desires for and illusions of control, we are not the potter; we are the clay.

When my husband and I decided to try for a third baby this past winter…

[To be continued.]

Join me at The Glorious Table today to read the rest!

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