A Turn on the Mat: The Gift of Weakness in the Community of Faith

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

I’m an introvert. In my lowest seasons of fatigue, fear, and spiritual wandering I curl up in my shell like a hermit crab and wait for the noise outside to die down. For everyone and everything to just go away.

My best friends are those who continually reach out to me, who load me on that mat and drop me at Jesus’ feet when I’m paralyzed by anxiety or stress or the return of acne in my 30s (I mean, really?!) or the pressures of keeping my kids alive when all they want to do is run out into the street in front of the UPS truck.

One of the toughest and best lessons of walking with Jesus is that we can’t go it alone. That even our faith takes a village.

[Continued over at my lovely friend Alia Joy’s site, The Fluency of Hope.]

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