Taking Some Soul Space (Soul Space Thursday)

Isn’t this photo just so great? The guy’s like, “I don’t always take soul space. But when I do, I set up a hammock over a raging river and wear ski goggles.” (Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash)

Things are about to ramp up around here.

Thanksgiving plans are underway; Advent is just around the corner; Christmas is coming.

Church is about to get busy. School is about to get busy. Home is about to get busy. I can see the busy on the horizon like a storm front rolling in. It’s a storm of tinsel and sermons and cookies and carols and turkeys and all sorts of good things, but if my soul isn’t prepared it might sweep me off my feet and smack me around a little.

So it’s time for some intentional soul space.

There are some awesome things coming up on the blog, including daily Advent devotionals written by a group of folks so brilliant, thoughtful, and wise I can’t wait to introduce you to each of them.

The group includes pastors, theologians, authors, moms, dads, singles, and marrieds. There’s a musician or two, an artist, and an army captain. Each is centered around a Scripture and short enough you can finish it alongside your morning coffee, share it at the start of a small group, or send it to encourage a friend.

The topic for Advent? Where is God in the Waiting.

I can’t wait to share these devotionals with you!

But for the next week or so, I’ll be taking some soul space of my own. A breather from the ol’ blog to rest, read, and fill up my own cup so I can be back with fresh devotions, more soul space inspiration, and those fun Monday lists.

Until then, friends.

What are you doing to take some soul space?

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